Ghosthunters flee ‘haunted’ fort as spirit ‘tries to electrocute them’ on camera

Tony Ferguson and his wife Beth were both forced to leave a ghost hunt at Fort Gilkicker in Gosport, Hampshire, after video footage ‘captured a ghost trying to electrocute Tony’

A team of ghosthunters have been forced to from a paranormal investigation over grave fears for their safety, after video footage allegedly captured a sinister spirit attempting to electrocute a man.

Tony Ferguson, 37, his wife Beth, 42, and their team of experts, have been hunting down paranormal activity for almost a decade, but nothing could have prepared them for what happened at Fort Gilkicker in Gosport, Hampshire.

They say that during their visit to the historic fort, a camera recorded an array of bloodcurdling sounds including evil laughter, footsteps behind them, along with the spine-tingling moment Tony received a sharp shock to his hand where the zap can clearly be heard on tape.

“Normally our investigations last a lot longer but we were only in there for an hour and a half. I was holding the camera and felt like something was in the room with us,” Tony recalled.

“As I went to put down this camera we heard what sounded like electricity and I felt a painful shock in my hand. But there is no electricity in the fort so it couldn’t have come from the building.

“I swore with the pain and straight after we heard what sounded like an evil wheezy laughter from a male voice.”

He added: “The entire time we were there it felt like something was following us and we even heard audible loud footsteps like someone was walking behind but there was nothing there we could see.

“The team wanted to get out of there, they really didn’t want to stay any longer so we had to leave.”

The Grade II listed Fort Gilkicker was built in the late 1800s on Stokes Beach as a naval gun battery, but in recent years was put up for sale with planning permission to be converted into luxury homes.

However after his experience investigating the building, Tony claims he would be very hesitant about visiting again never mind living there.

“This is the third time I have been to visit the fort and each time the paranormal activity seems to get more sinister,” he explained.

“My interest was initially piqued because I heard from someone who used to work there as a security guard that all the guards refused to work there and left their jobs because they kept hearing so many voices.

“I have been to some haunted places but this place just isn’t right. Whatever is down there definitely doesn’t want you there. I certainly wouldn’t want to live there – anybody who does end up living there, God help them.”