Studio Etiquette

Starting a Practice at Mysore SF

The style of yoga practiced at Mysore SF is part of a long tradition, but may be different from what you have experienced at other yoga studios. Students of Mysore SF are required to commit to a daily practice (5-6 days a week), and space in classes may be limited. For these reasons we ask that you contact Magnolia before arriving for your first class.

Primary Series Led Classes are NOT for learning the Ashtanga sequence or postures. This class is for Mysore students to fine tune vinyasas and better understand proper breathing, timing and rhythm. If you’re curious about Mysore Ashtanga please contact Magnolia for further information.

Class Etiquette

  • Please refrain from eating 2 hours prior to practice and 30 mins after practice
  • Please bathe before practice
  • Please ensure your mat, rug, towel and other yoga gear are clean and odor free
  • Please leave bags and clothes in downstairs studio, shoes outside of the Mysore studio (upstairs), valuables in cubies located inside Mysore studio
  • Please refrain from wearing any and all scented products (perfumes, deoderants, etc)
  • Please refrain from wearing lotions, moisturizers or oils (makes skin slippery making it difficult to adjust safely)
  • Please communicate any injuries or illnesses to the teacher
  • Enjoy your practice

Students New to Mysore Style

  • Please contact Magnolia prior to beginning your practice at Mysore SF
  • Please read through all content covered in The Practice
  • The door requires a code; please ring the black buzzer near the door the first time you arrive
  • Please read and observe all studio etiquette mentioned above

Students with an Established Practice Visiting Mysore SF

  • The door requires a code; please ring the black buzzer near the door the first time you arrive
  • Please read and observe all studio etiquette mentioned above
  • Drop-in rates apply

Attendance Policies

Drop-In Policy

Drop-ins are generally for out of town students and those with an established practice. This includes Primary Series Led Classes on Fridays.

If you would like to drop in for Mysore classes Monday-Thursday you must have an established Mysore practice.

Primary Series Led Classes on Fridays are for those with an established Ashtanga led class and/or Mysore practice. This class is counted in Sanskrit without further instruction. Knowledge of primary series sequence is required.

If you have questions about the drop-in policy, please contact Magnolia.

For more information on current rates, please visit the Rates page.

Payment Policy

  • You must be paid in full to practice
  • We accept cash, check and credit cards
  • Passes are non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable

Studio Amenities

  • Shower is provided. Please bring a towel.
  • Mats are not provided, but mat storage is available for $10 monthly fee.
  • A code is required to enter the building.
  • New and visiting students should ring the black buzzer for entry.

Studio Closures

In keeping with the Mysore tradition, rest days are Saturdays and moon days. Mysore SF practice space will be closed on these days, unless there is a special event or workshop.

For a full schedule of classes, teachers, and moon days, see the Schedule page.


Direct all inquiries to Magnolia via email.


above image by Tom Rosenthal