Yoga Nidra

Vishnu reclining

Yoga Nidra

A few things about this practice

  • Swami Satyananda who developed Yoga Nidra and his successor Swami Niranjanananda were my teachers at the Bihar School of Yoga in North India. I have been practicing YN since 2001 and consider it instrumental for all aspects of healing.
  • The sankalpa or resolve is the most important tool in the Yoga Nidra (YN) practice. It is common for students to change their sankalpa repeatedly. However, YN works best when we stick with only one, for a long period of time. If you need assistance in establishing a sankalpa please email magnolia
  • These YN practices were recorded in Japan (2007) and are inspired by my first YN teacher.
  • More information on Yoga Nidra 

Please enjoy

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Yoga Nidra (Long Version)

Yoga Nidra (Short Version)