Primary Series Led

Many yoga students doing poses as a group

Led Primary Series

A few things about this recording

  • This recording is not an instructional class. It’s meant to support practitioners that have completed the primary series and have it memorized. If you’re interested in learning more about this practice please contact magnolia
  • There are a few small mistakes in this recording. Ok, one big one. I’m rarely able to teach a perfectly counted led class. Instead of multiple recordings, painfully searching for exactness I decided to let it be. That and my audio guy left San Francisco.
  • In Mysore India these classes are taught on the first and last day of the week. They anchor the student and serve to remind us to practice in a steady manner free from distractions and embellishments.
  • What is most important here is the cadence, the metronome, the beating of the breath and rhythm in the practice.

Please enjoy.

Any questions email magnolia